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Stay comfortably heated, dry, and stylish while wearing the latest innovation in thermodynamic technology.  It's the perfect layer for maintaining an optimal core temperature even during the most brutally cold winter days.


Molly heat technology keeps your blood flowing hot to maintain warmth across your hands, face, and feet. A warm core body temperature allows you to keep your extremities heated to avoid that freezing, numb feeling in your limbs. 


Our vest features 3 unique heat settings, giving you the ability to select your level of warmth between 25°, 35°, and 45°. Never worry about the weather again.


Only the finest of materials were used to develop our vests. Our in-house blend of fabric provides lightweight comfort, superb protection against the cold, and versatile layering. The Molly Heated Vest can be worm underneath additional layers or above clothing to fit your style and provide ultimate warmth. 


Our one-of-a-kind vest is also optimized for muscle-relaxation therapy and increased blood flow. The several heating pads found on the back of the vest provide for nerve-calming heat therapy that has proven to be highly effective for 93% of our participants suffering from back pain or discomfort.

Who is Molly™ heated vest for?

For Motorcycle Riders

Cold weather make someone more prone to freezing. In order to stay warm, it’s good to go for heated clothes. This will leave you enjoying your ride every single minute.

For kids, especially the school going kids

This is because you can’t keep an eye on the kid, ensure your kids are well covered during rainy and chilly seasons. Many children go to the playground regardless of the weather hence they need something to keep them warm.

For adventurer and Winter Sports Enthusiast

Ice skating activities, snowballing and sledding calls for good temperatures for one to survive. Also, rock climbing requires someone to be properly dressed before undertaking the activity.

For Elders

Old people tend to make less heat. They therefore need proper clothing to protect them from freezing. Anyway, old age is gold, and they should therefore be protected from diseases and harsh weather so that they can live longer.

Molly™ Heated Vest can really be used by anyone!



8 Hour Charge at Max Temp.

Waterproof & Windproof

100% Machine Washable

8 Adjustable Heating Pads

Powered by any USB Powerbank/Portable Charger

✅ USB Port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices

✅ Keeps your hands warm with our dual pocket heating zones


Is Molly heated vest safe?

When wearing an electrically powered piece of apparel, it’s totally understandable for some safety concerns to arise. 

All safety aspects are stress tested to the T, and then stress tested again. The process is repeated over and over before releasing a product to the market.

Because of the care put into their production, you can feel confident wearing Molly heated vest.

How do I charge my heated vest?

Simply plug the charger into an electric outlet after attaching the battery.

How do I clean Molly heated vest?

The first step is to disconnect and remove the battery, as you’ve probably figured out yourself. Whether you’re washing it by hand or putting it in the machine, it’s important to use cold water only. 

5V-Heated Vest Quick Manual - Album on Imgur


✅ If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us, and we will ensure you receive a full refund.

✅ Every order is shipped with a Track code, which allows you to track your package wherever it goes. 

✅ All our products come with a 6-month warranty which covers all defects.

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